Samantha and Richard, A Chatsworth Snowy Wedding

Beautiful at any time of year but a snowy Chatsworth wedding is something a little special.

Samantha and Richard both got ready at the equally fabulous Cavendish Hotel in Baslow. Richard then travelled with the guests to Edensor and St. Peter’s church, in a vintage bus! Samantha arrived a short time after with her bridesmaids. The day was bitter and actually, Chatsworth was cut off for most of the week leading up to the wedding, the ground staff did an amazing job clearing the roads.

On the way from Edensor to Chatsworth, we stopped to get some photographs in the snow. How good does Chatsworth look with a covering of the white stuff? It’s pretty rare that we get snow in this country, so it’s definitely good to make the most of it when we do.

Winter weddings have a look all of their own, the low winter sun and short days mean they are tricky to photograph. It’s definitely worth it. One of the benefits is that you expect the weather to be bad so anything else is a bonus!

Chatsworth works particularly well in Winter. The house and gardens are closed to the public so you get the place to yourself. One of the other benefits is that Chatswoth have a special Winter all-inclusive package.