Chatsworth Wedding – Abby & Furhaan

What a beautiful day! I arrived at Abby’s father’s house to see his amazing Lagonda ‘dressed’ ready for it’s duty sat in the drive, warm sunshine glistening on it’s polished chrome. Abby was in the house, relaxed and enjoying the morning and that set the tone for the day. Abby was ready in plenty of time for me to get a few shots before I had to set off to meet the boys Baslow Church.

The relaxed mood was mirrored at the church, everyone happy in the sunshine. The church was full and after a wonderful service Abby and Furhaan left for Chatsworth in a shower of confetti.

The arrival at Chatsworth is always grand, making your way slowly up Lodge Hill, past the main house and then pulling up inside the huge stone archway. This is literally right outside the entrance to the Cavendish Restaurant where the guests are treated to champagne and canapés.

After half an hour or so Abby, Furhaan and I took to the gardens with our own chauffeur driven buggy. One of the highlights of having a wedding at Chatsworth is being able to have some stunning portraits in their amazing gardens. The gardens look good at any time of the year but Autumn is a bit special. Check out the colours!

Once we had got a selection of beautiful portraits we headed over to the Rose Garden where the families were waiting for a few group photographs. Then it was up to the Carriage House Restaurant for the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment.

A beautiful couple and an amazing day!


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