Emma & James are both officers in the army. With James living in Scotland and Emma in Northern Ireland, it was a job to get together before the wedding. But we had a fantastic pre-wedding shoot, combined with a meeting to go over the details for the day. The shoot created and image that Emma and James chose for a guest signing frame at the wedding.

On the morning of the wedding I met up with James at the Crown in Bawtry. His uniform was all laid out ready, plenty of time needed to get dressed! His best man Jamie arrived soon after me and helped with the finishing touches. Once I had got what I needed there I shot off to Hodsock to photograph Emma and the girls, they were getting ready in Hodsock’s fabulous bridal suite. I love photographing in there, it’s North facing with big windows so you always get lovely light. All the girls looked amazing and I got some great shots of them helping Emma into her dress.

Once Emma was ready and drinking champagne I headed off to the pub to meet James, Jamie and the sword party. Lots of activity as swords were unboxed and the guys finished getting ready…while having the odd drink of course. The pub was just over the road from Misterton Church so once ready we all made our way over.

The service was lovely and the minister even let me get my preferred position at the front of the church! One thing I love about a military wedding is the sword party and the arch of swords. It was just after Emma and James had passed through the arch when the heavens opened! At least there was no hold up getting people off to the reception!

The rain had stopped by the time we got to Hodsock. The drinks reception was held on the lawn, one of the many stunning features of Hodsock. The other is obviously the gardens. I took Emma and James for stroll round just before dinner to capture some relaxed portraits.

My day finished after the first dance. As I packed up my kit and said my goodbyes the party was well and truly in full swing.

As usual Linda and her team handled the day impeccably…even making sure there was plenty of extra Jagermeister behind the bar!

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