Wedding Photography Rosliston Forestry Centre, The Glade

A wedding in the heart of a forest, sounds lovely…kind of depends on the weather though! The days leading up to Karen and Dan’s wedding were awful, flooding all over from the rain. So imagine how Karen must have felt to wake up to glorious sunshine!

Karen and Dan were both getting ready at Rosliston, they have gorgeous timber lodges in the forest just a short walk from The Glade. In the glade itself there is a permanent woodland gazebo and there was a marquee for afterwards.

The ceremony in the forest was beautiful, just look at the photo’s to get a feel for the setting As Karen and Dan came back up the red carpet a mariachi band wandered into the glade, amazing! You might recognise the band form the Dorito’s adverts they did play the covers like on the adverts but mainly it was traditional Mexican, they were fantastic! More music was to come, Karen, who is a trained musician, sang for Dan, a beautiful moment from a fantastic day.

If you would like to have a look at The Glade in the Forest have a look at Roliston Forestry Centre‘s website.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day.